We’re a pretty new kid on the block, so when some of the best-loved bar and eateries around added us to their drinks list (some of them even have our Stormy Lager on tap!) we were quite chuffed.

To be honest, we’ve been really overwhelmed with how many of the most iconic places in our fair nation have decided to include Barrow Boys in their range of tasty drops, so we thought we would introduce you to just a few of the amazing places you can try our beer (and their food, and their music, and their vibe, and all the stuff that makes each one so unique and successful).

252 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC

Blackcat has been around for more than three decades. Located on Fitzroy’s Brunswick Street, the venue is as famous for its daytime food and coffee as its nighttime music, cocktails and, of course, beer. Some of Melbourne’s finest DJs grace the decks here on any given night so if you like beats with your beer, this is the place for you.

Bar Lourinhã
37 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC

Bar Lourinhã doesn’t take dinner reservations. So popular is this Spanish-inspired eatery that they do nighttime dining on a first-come-best-dressed basis. In addition to their excellent selection of craft beers (wink!) they also serve a fantastic array of cocktails and wine. They do take reservations for lunch for those who prefer dining with a plan.

Casa Ciuccio
13-15 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC

Incorporating a provisions store, bottle shop and a restaurant, Casa Ciuccio is warm, unpretentious and, well, amazing. The food is wholesome, hearty and delicious, the service is kind, witty and quick and the drinks list (including some great craft beer) is carefully considered and well-balanced. Their website even has recipes so you can attempt to recreate the magic at home.

Section 8
27 – 29 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne VIC

A lot of places say this, but Section 8 is a Melbourne icon. First of all, it is in a laneway. Second, it is covered in graffiti (in an artistic, commissioned way as well as an unplanned, living artwork way). Third, it is made out of actual shipping containers. And lastly the drinks, the music and the punters are some of the most on-point you’re likely to encounter in this country. Maybe even on this planet. Let the DJ battles commence!

The Freo Doctor
27 Arudndel Street, Fremantle WA

Just like the weather pattern that shares its name, the Freo Doctor is a unique and magical thing that makes every day a stunner. While we’re not encouraging drinking every day, we can say that this bottle shop has a drink to suit any occasion and with knowledgable, friendly staff and a range of products not available anywhere else in WA, whether your day off is Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday, you can make it a party with the help of the good doctor.


The Boys
(Words by many, photo by Ash)