Melbourne’s city dwellers have thrived on the culinary culture which was brought here from diverse European countries. They’ve built and influenced hundreds of cafes, bars and restaurants for people to bump into before and after their working day. The European has been one of these pleasure domes for the working man and woman, serving Melbourne’s faithful 24/7, since the 90’s.

The Victorian era building which frames The European iconic is surrounded by a backdrop of Parliament House, Princess Theatre and The Windsor Hotel. This hospitality mecca has been unlike many businesses in the late 20-century that have closed their doors and faded away. Instead, the good people behind The European have extended their offering. They have opened The Supper Club & Tea Rooms on the floor above, City Wine Shop next door and the building was completed when they opened Siglo as a roof top cocktail bar.


With more and more residents moving in to fill the skyline of Melbourne, a gelato shop, green grocers and a specialty cheese shop & aging cellar have been added to join this staple of hospitality joy. Business people, politicians and tourists alike can stop by for provisions, post theatre for supper or simply for a sunrise breakfast. This great contribution to Melbourne’s dynamic hospitality scene is here to stay and they’ve rightly positioned their offering as king of the hill at the top of Spring Street. If you have time in your day to indulge, this really is a paradise for lovers of gourmet food and drink.


The Boys
(Words by Justin, photos by Ash)