At times we find ourselves taken aback by the surreal picture that’s painted by the sun as it sets over the horizon. The autumn skies light up in a dramatic bright red and flaunt pink, purple and every colour in-between. It helps us all appreciate the natural beauty of the world that we live in. It was these moments of awe and stillness that the inspiration for our new pilot series beer formed. With autumn lingering around the corner, what better time than now to showcase one of the world’s prettiest styles of beer – A Copper/Red Dunkelweizen (German for dark wheat beer).

To support the launch of this beer it will pair in a food rivalry match like no-other. Paul Tyas from ‘St Kilda Burger Bar‘ and Luke Croston from ‘Jimmy Grants‘ are switching up kitchens for a Melbourne Food & Wine Festival event. Paul will craft up Lamb Souva’s in Luke’s kitchen, whilst Luke will be putting a Greek spin on the classic beef burgers that Paul’s kitchen is famous for. Only one thing could wash down those two delicious creations and it had to be our new ‘Red Sky Wheat’. The slightly sweet, fruity, yet light weight style will complement both dishes and also stand alone as an enjoyable beer in its own right. The higher carbonation in the style is great for cleaning the palate after a hearty burger or souva as well.

Australian grown Pale and Wheat malts were used to make up most of the malt grist, with caramel and chocolate malts giving the beer its colour and malt flavour. Mashing the malt in multiple steps allowed for the formation of compounds which the yeast turns into clove and phenolic aroma’s during fermentation. Banana-like estery aromas complement the bready malt & yeast profile in this unfiltered ‘hefe’ style brew. US grown Crystal was used to provide this clean bitterness, as well as some light floral hop notes to close out this sunset in a glass.

Photo 15-12-2015, 8 31 09 AM

We hope you enjoy our Red Sky Wheat, as much as we did crafting it.


The Boys

(Title photo credit: Keith Moyer)