The idea of craftsmanship was instilled in Ash from a young age. Both of his parents worked and so during school holidays, Ash tagged with his dad when he went to work. Eric is a jeweller, who designs and creates handmade pieces for some of the reputable jewellers in Perth. Although it sounds like a lucrative profession, in reality it’s a labour of love just like most crafty jobs.

To give you a little insight into how a piece of jewellery comes to be, we’ve put together a few photos and a video showing the creation process.

Firstly, the piece is created in wax by hand and submersed in plaster which takes the form of the piece, or pieces being created. The wax is then burnt out from the plaster mould in a kiln.

01 Carving

In the meantime, the precious metals are carefully weighed out to yield yellow gold, white gold, silver or otherwise. The constituents melt and are mixed together at up to 950 Degrees Celcius to create the alloy, which is poured into a cast iron block to form small ‘ingots’.

02 Melting
03 Pouring

The ingots are weighed depending on the size of the piece being cast and then melted in a crucible. The crucible sits in a centrifuge, where the hot plaster mould is resting to collect the momentum of the spinning metal. This fills the plaster mould, taking the shape of the original wax forms. While still hot, the plaster mould is quenched in cold water, which dissolves around the metal within.

After that, the piece is cut free from the stem and then cleaned & polished to make it shine bright.

05 Cleaning
06 Finishing

Depending on what is being created, the last step is carefully setting any gem stones to finish it off.

07 Setting

Although this has little to do with beer, the careful and thoughtful process behind creating solid and liquid art have much in common.


The Boys
(Words & photos by Ash)