Our Pilot Series beers are about exploring and developing our craft. They started when we were trying to choose what to brew next but couldn’t settle on the best style. Instead of flipping a coin, we came up with the idea to ‘pilot’ different brews to help our decision on what to feature in our growing beer line-up. They can be classics, experimental brews, or feature different ingredients we want to tinker with.

Our India Amber Ale is our first pilot series come back. This beer is a clash of the English ‘Old Ales’ and the new world IPA’s. We’ve used Southern and Northern hemisphere hops with a range of local speciality malts.
We mashed in Pale, Dark Munich, Carabohemian, Melanoiden and Cara Red Malt at ‘Hawkers’ brewery in Reservoir. The beer was aggressively hopped at several stages with New Zealand Southern Cross, US Crystal, Citra & Amarillo. Floral, tropical fruit and resinous characters meet caramel and toffee undertones provided by the speciality malt.
In a nutshell this beer is a punchy IPA with a rich complex malt bill to balance. India Amber Ale is made with dedication and care for our craft, if you get your hands on a glass of this very limited release beer we would love to hear what you think.
The Specs:
Alcohol: 6.3 % Alc/Vol
Bitterness: 60+ IBU
Malt: Pale, Dark Munich, Carabohemian, Melanoiden & Cara Red.
Hops: Crystal, Southern Cross, Citra & Amarillo
Cheers From The Boys!
(words by Dean, photos by Emilio)