At Barrow Boys, craft and craftsmanship is integral to everything we do. From beer making to beer peddling, it is something we hold dear to our hearts, something almost sacred.

We wanted to build something special for our visits to Melbourne markets, and envisioned a handmade barrow from which we could spruik our handcrafted beer. That’s why we called upon the unique skills of Anthony Kahl – inventor and bicycle maker extraordinaire.

Anthony is well-known in Melbourne’s design and cycling circles, a respected craftsman in his own right. He built us a modern interpretation of a traditional barrow, complete with bright orange rims. Crafted from plywood and stainless steel, it is easy on the eyes and a solid masterpiece.

We can’t wait to load it with our beer and roll out to a market near you. Join us for a few beers and offer a toast to Anthony’s great craftsmanship.

Have a look at how we made our barrow here


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