Our Pilot Series beers are about exploring and developing our craft. They started when we were trying to choose what to brew next but couldn’t settle on the best style. Instead of flipping a coin, we came up with the idea to ‘pilot’ different brews to help our decision on what to feature in our growing beer line-up. They can be classics, experimental brews, or feature different ingredients we want to tinker with.

Grisette is a farmhouse ale originating from 18th Century mining province of Wallonia, Belgium. The province was influenced by the French and powered by the working class. There were many beautiful and independent women and these were commonly referred to as Grisette’s. The story has it that Farmhouse Ale’s were consumed during this era not only for refreshment but to sustain the high-energy levels needed to work in the mines. Many would drink the beer due to the water being unsafe to drink.
We chose to create a beer which was both pretty and complex, like the Grisette’s were. We mashed in Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat and Briess Victory at Wolf Of The Willows brewery in Cheltenham. The beer was hopped with a New Zealand variety named Kohatu. The hop character and a slightly cooler ferment has resulted in a fruit forward farmhouse ale. Good stone fruit and lemon rind character accompany the fruity expression from the yeast. Made with dedication and care for our craft, if you get your hands on a glass of this very limited release beer we would love to hear what you think.

The Specs…
Alcohol: 4.9 % Alc/Vol
Bitterness: 28 IBU
Malt: Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat, Briess Victory & Acidulated Malt
Hops: Warrior & Kohatu

Carwyn Cellars
The Alehouse Project
The Local Taphouse St Kilda
Rupert on Rupert
Brother Burger South Yarra
Rum Diary Bar
The Catfish
Beer Deluxe Federation Square
Hotel Lincoln
Tsubu Bar
Stray Nieghbour
Bluebonnet Barbecue
Dr Morse
GABS Festival 2017

The Boys
(words by Dean, photos by Dean & Sammy)