The hard work of the team at Green Park has been recognized and featured by The Financial Review recently as one of Australia’s top restaurants. Carlos, head bar man, and Howard, head chef, put their creative heads together and came up with a couple of new ideas to celebrate the occasion.

The first is a pork washed old fashioned and slider combo. They made their own pork fat washed plantation rum for this piggy affair and serve it with a pigs head and sauce gribichi slider.

The second is their pickleback. It starts with a shot of the classic Bulleit Bourbon, with its sweetness which turns into a rugged finish. Then there’s the shot of the pickle which is a creation of Howard’s and includes chilli, cinnamon, clove and a few secrets. The acidity and spice of this complements the bourbon then gets quenched by the sweetness of the caramelised pineapple. It’s followed up by a glass of Stormy Lager with the sweet-ish malty/caramel notes, slowly washing away the spice and acidity with each sip.

These are a couple of very crafty creations, which show why this team deserves the attention they’ve been getting lately.


The Boys
(Words & photos by Ash)