Our ‘Pilot Series’ beers are how we express and develop our craft. Sometimes we will brew to suit the seasons or ingredients available to us, and other times just to share a beer style that we enjoy ourselves.

This beer is as refreshing as the air-conditioned car which carries you through the mirage-like wavy lines above a hot asphalt road. You’re packed with good vibes and an appetite to experience some of Australia’s best beers. Everyone is smiling and you are on your way to the Beer Festival. The sounds of laughter and good tunes are all around and the sun is shining. It is this feeling of letting your hair down and slipping into the festival spirit which has inspired us to brew ‘Festival Beer’.

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Ash mashed in Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat and a little Crystal malt at Peter Aldred’s Federation University brewery. These were chosen to produce a light coloured wort with moderate body, to support the hop and yeast flavour. A discussion with the team at Ellerslie, a local hop grower, ended up in us getting our hands on a few kilos of an experimental hop variety dubbed ‘019’. It’s a relatively low bitterness variety but packed with aroma. We’ve fermented it with a farmhouse ale yeast of Belgian origin, which gives the beer a fruity aroma with a subtle clove-like spice character underneath. Tasting from the tank is giving us a lot of fruit and a little yeasty spice with a delicate tart finish so we can’t wait to pour ourselves a proper glass of this unfiltered beer at Ballarat Beer Fest this weekend.

If you’re unfortunate enough to miss out on the festivals, a few stray kegs may turn up around just a few of Melbourne’s top beer venues. Keep an eye out, and let us know if you like it. Maybe we’ll brew it again someday.


The Boys
(Words by Dean & Ash, photos by Ash)