The abundance of new beers hitting the taps of Melbourne make it a great time to be a beer lover. A row of taps can start to look like a line of flags at a UN summit with the array of shapes and colours on offer. We wanted to make a quieter statement that reflects who we are as a brewer so we set out to create something uniquely Barrow Boys.

We joined our friends at Arteveneta for a Friday lunch in their workshop/kitchen and chatted about the idea of crafting some handmade wooden handles. They showed us a few different reclaimed timbers including Ash, ironbark, maple and pine but in the end we chose a grainy Maple for a subtle yet refined look.

The boys at Arteveneta got to work on the lathe to hand turn the smooth round handles, one by one from the chosen timber. Sure, it could have been easier with automated machinery but we just prefer the handmade methods. After turning, they were sanded back and branded with a hot iron pigeon from our Stormy Lager labels. A quick varnish to protect them from the chaos of a bustling Melbourne bar and they were complete.

Body 2

Body 1

We think that the end result matches our style but we would love to hear your thoughts on twitter if you see them around town.


The Boys
(Words by Justin, photos by Ash)