Being a small brewery means we’re always looking for ways to do things a little differently, and oh, on a budget. Together with the crew at Sense, we explored fun, and slightly unconventional ways to spruik our beer.

Because straight marketing is boring, or maybe by need and design, we decided to make everything that helps put our beer in your hand, by hand. For bottle shops, we made signs from recycled cardboard, stencils, and spray paint. Our posters were produced in the same way.

The guys at Sense created quite a mess in their studio, making concrete replicas of our bottles with homemade silicone moulds. To be honest, we don’t quite know what to do with them yet. Door stoppers, perhaps? Meanwhile, as you are reading this, more crafty experiments are underway.

There is nothing quite like working with like-minded people, who do what they do for the love of the craft. It affirms our belief that nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your own creations come to life, from ideas in your head to something you can hold in your hand, or in our case, taste in your mouth.


The Boys