Despite its slightly New Zealandy-sounding name, Tru Bru is in fact the lovechild of Siberian ex-pat Anton Sagan, who mourned the loss of a very special kind of takeaway beer readily available in his homeland. Sadness turned to joy when Anton realized he could share this special Siberian way of drinking with his new Aussie friends. We had a chat to him about his growler, his craft and his love of the brew.

What’s the inspiration behind your business?

Tru Bru stands for ‘True flavour, brewery freshness’. We make it possible for people to enjoy the freshest beer away from on-premise.

Where is your workspace? Why did you choose to make this the home for your craft?

Yarra Street, South Yarra. We thought the area was lacking in good craft beer. There were lots of indicators that people in the area have good palates, such as the abundance of good coffee shops and whiskey bars.

Who designed your space?

We designed the store ourselves. Most of the materials were recycled from the previous occupants of the building because we like to be sustainable and they suited our style.

Describe the followers of your craft

People from all over Melbourne that are into craft beer but we’re finding more curious ‘everyday’ beer drinkers who want to learn and experience more.

What makes your craft special or unique?

Commitment to freshness. This starts at sourcing fresh beer but includes storage, hygiene management and purging before counter-pressure filling with quality dispensing equipment.

What do you offer your customers?

We have an ever-rotating list of 20 beers, ciders and the occasional soda. We keep it this way so we can supply a broader range of beverages to our customers.

What’s your favourite beer and food match?

Imperial stout with Chevre cheese!

What are your plans for the future?

We want to spread the concept so that fresh beer is much more available in Melbourne and beyond. Watch this space.


The Boys (and Anton)