Black Market Porter is the first beer in our new ‘Pilot Series’ range. The idea came about while the three of us boys were in the car on our way down to the Geelong Beer Festival. We had been talking about what to brew as our next beer for some time but couldn’t settle on one. Ash said, “Let’s do some pilot brewing and then decide with a beer in hand”. From here the conversation quickly turned into a plan to brew small keg-only batches, one by one, and share them with the beer lovers of Melbourne. Glenn was a willing accomplice, letting us create it at Temple Brewing Co, and so we brewed our Black Market Porter just in time for when the temperatures drop and the wind begins to swirl.

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Porters are a beer rich in history; they helped fuel the industrial revolution in the UK. Most believe the name came from the working class of the day, from their love of this delicious energy-rich beer. Porter gave them the energy they needed to work long into the black of night, moving the goods ready for the Barrow Boys to spruik in the marketplace. Before the sun was set to rise the porters would reward themselves with a well-deserved pint after their backbreaking shift. From these humble beginnings, porter became pivotal to the beer world. Did we mention this is Ash’s favourite beer style?

Black Market Porter has 8 different malts which all impart their own character. Biscuity, toffee, coffee and even a subtle smokiness from a little German Rauchmalt add to the flavour profile. The hopping is assertive but doesn’t overpower the beer. Tasmanian grown Willamette (a classic dark beer hop variety) in the kettle and US Mosaic (Tropical new world variety) dry hopped work together to create a balancing and complimentary hop profile with an earthy palate and fruity, tropical aroma which contrasts the malt.

It will be around the usual craft beer haunts of Melbourne but only until the thirty kegs run out. Let us know if you like it and maybe we’ll brew it again someday.


The Boys
(Words & photos by Ash)