Black Ink Porter is the Fifth beer in our limited release ‘Pilot Series’ range. As the dark grey clouds begin to shift overhead and we dust off our woolen blankets for warmth, us Barrow Boys thought it’d be a good time to step this Robust Porter from out of the black and into the light for all.

Porters helped fuel the industrial revolution in the UK in the early 18th Century. Most believe that the name came from the marketplace laborers/porters, from their love of this delicious beer style. Porter gave them the energy and warmth they needed to work long into the black of the night. Ink and Porter both share a a long history with some of their use dating back to those very old and very different times.

Our ‘Black Ink Porter’ pays homage to the contrast of old world ink and parchment versus the progression of black ink today and it’s myriad of creative uses. Similarly to how tattoo artists, illustrators and painters constantly progress their art with black ink, we choose to be a little creative with the old world beer and showcase unique flavours.

Black Ink Porter was brewed with six different malts. Each of these added a distinct character to this robust porter including biscuity, toffee, coffee notes and a hint of smoke. The hopping is assertive but doesn’t overpower the beer. English Bramling Cross, Australian Ella and US Mosaic hops work together to create a balancing and complimentary hop profile with an earthy palate and fruity, tropical aroma which contrasts the rich malt.

We’re launching this beer on Friday night, May 13th, at Lulie Street Tavern in Abbotsford. If you can’t make it, you’ll find it throughout Good Beer Week and also some of Melbourne’s best beer venues until the limited release runs dry. Try not to spill it on your shirt.

The Boys