Dean sees skateboarding as a really fun form of self-expression. The process of understanding a trick, practicing it and landing is something that requires some concentration. Aiming on that roll away with a smile on his dial.

“I really dig the creative space behind performing a trick and the process of adapting to different concrete terrains.”

“A friend and I were just rolling back towards home from the Raccoon Club in Preston and a deserted red brick wasteland caught our eyes”. Situated behind a quiet industrial strip Dean and Sam saw an opportunity. “We got a little adventurous and climbed through the broken fence to see what was on the other side.”

It was clear that once upon a time some local skaters invested quite the time and care into constructing this spot. The weather hadn’t been too kind on it over the years. So, as an act of good faith to the skate gods Dean decided to source some wet cement from a working site to patch up a few areas to provide a clear pathway again.

“I waited for a 30 degree day and rolled down with a stereo, a shovel, cement and a few bottles of water, couple of beers too and filled in a few holes”.
photo 3a

The site has just been put up for sale. “I’m hoping some skaters can make a similar discovery and hit the rejuvenated lines again”.


The Boys
(Words by Ash & Dean, photos by Ash)